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Artisan Pizzeria

Taking the Italian pizza status to a new meaning, Pizz’art is something worth trying. Just like life is a journey, Pizz’art is an experiential journey, an experience of good food, good service, and good people. The approach to the business model makes it unique. Very focused, the restaurant lets things happen & accelerates them organically, which makes the results so much more meaningful. Pizz’art also provides a social space that allows the social aspect to flow freely. It’s not unusual for guests to order what others are having. These are the truths of social space & Pizz’art acknowledges these truths & creates possibilities & experiences not found anywhere else.

The brand is an artisanal yet fun & affordable, with a variety of flavors beyond usual pizza places. In addition to a simple ordering system integrated with Instagram and a unique app that works for both online and in-store ordering. The menu items are variable between different flavors of pizza, small bites and pizza inspired desserts.